About Us

The Harbor was established February 7, 2010.  We have no denominational affiliation and base our beliefs solely on the Bible, the inerrant word of God.  We view the church as a fellowship of God’s people (believers) all coming together for one, two-fold purpose. That purpose is to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  He gives each believer the power and strength that is needed to spread His Gospel to a hurting and dying world and without the church that message would soon vanish.  It is up to the church to bring the message of salvation to the entire world.

At The Harbor, we want to change lives with the story of Jesus.  We want to bring nonbelievers into the fellowship of God’s family, teach them the Word of God and its commands and equip all believers to go out and do the same as they go out into their own lives.